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On the full wipe starting 3/15 at 4:00PM EST NuclearRust will be doing up to a $200 giveaway to the clan that has the most Jackhammers — Why Jackhammers you ask? Well, it creates strategy- Jackhammers don’t stack, and will cause you to have to expand your base and/or be creative to protect them. In […]


Credit where Credit is Due

I’ve always said, I am a nerd first and foremost, which means, that I know how to make a lot of this tech work, and sometimes I know when something is efficient or inefficient, but I cannot really make it better. Nothing could be a better demonstration of this than this website! Kirill Kraisn ( […]



We run solely on donations and the good-will of the Admin’s wife. One day, the wife may say she has had enough. Support the servers by donating if you can. Any amount will help, subscriptions are better… but please note – I cannot offer any game-changing rewards, and all donations for ‘novelty’ such as a […]



NuclearRUST | (MAX 4)Variable resource gathering with MAX 4 per team, no alliances. On this server there are No Kits, No VIP, No Pay2Win, No Teleport, No Home Command…Blueprints sharing is enabled, so Clan Up! BP Wipe is every Wipe! Installed Mods include:-Clans with AutoAuth-FurnaceSplitter-Extras at Monuments-Blueprint Sharing (within Clans)-Player Bounties-Active Admins

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NuclearRUST-3x | (MAX 4)
3x resources with only 'real world' modifications.
MAX 4 per team, no alliances
Newb/Noob Friendly

On this server there are No Kits, No VIP, No Pay2Win, No Teleport, No Home Command...
Map wipes once a week (Full BP Mondays at 17:00(except for force week, where we ALSO MAP wipe when the update is released, ~14:00) all times are EST.

Customizations include:
-Short Nights
-Merged Bandit/Outpost
-Clans with AutoAuth
-Blueprint Sharing (within Clans)
-Custom Despawn Timers during Raids (No Griefing)
-Building Workbench Raidius
-Active Admins

VIP Includes:
AbsolutSort, Sign Artist, Skinbox, AutoLocks (when not in a Raid area), buildinggrade, skipqueue

Search string: Solo Duo Trio Quad

Players: 0 / 200
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No Pay2Win!!!
Map wipes twice a week (Sundays at 17:00 and on Thursday at 16:00
(except for force, when it is ~14:00) all times are EST.
Installed Mods include:
-Multiplied Loot
-Short Nights
-Merged Bandit/Outpost
-Clans with AutoAuth
-Custom Despawn Timers during Raids (No Griefing)
-Building Workbench Raidius
-Active Admins

Players: 0 / 125

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