Credit where Credit is Due

I’ve always said, I am a nerd first and foremost, which means, that I know how to make a lot of this tech work, and sometimes I know when something is efficient or inefficient, but I cannot really make it better.

Nothing could be a better demonstration of this than this website!

Kirill Kraisn ( is the designer of pretty much our entire web presence. He had some neat templates out there, and one day, I decided to check them out. Well, here we are a few months later – I’ve just implemented his latest creation: the leaderboard, and as usual – he did a great job.

Unfortunately, Kirill isn’t going to be able to quit his day job on my requests alone. I know a lot of you play on different servers – If they need website stuff, have them check out his Patreon site to see if that can help them get started.

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