Popularity Contest!

On the full wipe starting 3/15 at 4:00PM EST NuclearRust will be doing up to a $200 giveaway to the clan that has the most Jackhammers — Why Jackhammers you ask? Well, it creates strategy- Jackhammers don’t stack, and will cause you to have to expand your base and/or be creative to protect them. In short, if you are winning, everyone should know… Second place will receive half the 1st place prize, and third will receive 1/4 of the 1st place Prize.

There will be a bonus of 5% to your turn-in for the referral of a participating clan to this contest… We all know other clans on other servers… bring one of them here for the contest and open a ticket in Discord when they create their clan- If you both opened a ticket saying you were the sponsor, you both get an additional 5% added to your total. If that clan turns in at the end of the competition, both them, and you will receive the bonus.


  • Despawning loot if you are being raided or despawning the target’s loot equals instant disqualification. If you suspect someone is despawning, F7 report them as they are doing it, and it will be trivial for us to catch them, as the server will record their actions.
  • Documented toxic behavior will result in a 10% reduction in your overall turn-in. This is not up for debate, and is solely at the admin’s discretion. however they must provide a specific incident with evidence if this happens. The reduction / evidence will occur at the time of turn-in — so be on your best behavior throughout, as nobody is going to tell you that you were caught.
  • Excessive tattling on suspected rulebreakers will be considered toxic behavior. Report once, and let it go… the admins will watch.
  • All normal server rules remain in effect.

Contest Completion:

Turn-in for the most Jackhammers will be done on the day of wipe. There will be a vending machine or NPC at Outpost and Bandit that will buy Jackhammers in exchange for either RP/Economics points. No turn-ins will be accepted beforehand.


The prize payouts are determined by the number of participants-

  • If the peak server population is less than 50 people each of the first three days, the first place prize will be a $50 amazon gift card, or a $50 steam gift card(GC) (can be divided at the team’s discretion)
  • If the peak server population is between 50-75 players each of the first three days, the first place prize will be $80 (amazon/steam GC)
  • If the peak server population is between 76-150, first place prize will be $100 (amazon/steam GC)
  • If we exceed those numbers, the first place prize will match the average peak population over the first three days (up to 200)

Fine Print:

This is a population generating exercise.. I’m happy to hand out money… but the overall purpose is to bring people to NuclearRust. If you find creative ways to exclude people from participating, that will be deemed toxic, and consequences go beyond a penalty to the contest – they could result in a ban from the server and/or exclusion from this and other contests.

All clans were wiped before the contest. Once you join a clan, you will have to contact an admin to leave/kick via a discord ticket.

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