So,why would you donate? Because I am one guy, running a rust server in his free time, hoping to cover the costs of my hobby.

Donations go to a few different things, first and foremost, server costs. It costs a pretty penny to run a server, another nickel or two to do it right (effort,) and not to mention that I play on my own servers — so in order to make the ‘separation of church and state’ I have a separate steamID for playing than I do Adminning… there are other costs associated with that — but that is mostly because I manage all of this from a Laptop.

If all goes well, I’d like to throw some coin at the moderators (currently only one dude) that helps me do all of this, and helped create the Vanilla+ feeling that NuclearRust has.

Finally – I need donations to keep this going — because if my wife doesn’t understand what I am spending all my free time doing – and it doesn’t bring in a return… im gonna have to let it rot… and that is bad.

In any case, I appreciate you visiting this page, and hope that you consider Donating via one of the links below… Crypto has like 0 fees, so I prefer that, but nobody else knows how to make that work, so Paypal is fine.

Leave your name/server in the comments if you want me to be able to look you up and say Thanks, and hopefully when I figure out how to do it, change the color of your name in chat.


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